Bee Easy Restorations specializes in an archival process called “LINEN BACKING”. This is a museum grade process that focuses on reinforcing paper by mounting a piece to sturdy acid-free paper and heavy canvas. The process is 100% pH neutral and all mediums are water soluble.
Pricing is based on size of the paper.
8×10      $60
11×14    $75
16×20     $115
20×30     $150
30×40     $170
50×70     $330
40×80     $360

De-acidification Bath

Paper can act like an air filter. Wherever the poster is stored (attics, garages, smokers home, pet home) that’s what it will smell like. We offer cleaning services for any and all paper products.
A standard bath De-acidification bath starts at $50.
A bleach bath (if necessary) will be an additional $50.
pH Neutralizing bath +$50
Bleach De-molding bath +$50

Restoration & Removal Work

Restoration and removal work is a broad term used to describe any kind of work that comes after the poster has been Linen Backed. This includes the following:

  • Patch work: Missing corners, holes, rips, and tears can all be repaired with our massive archive of paper. We closely match the tone of the paper to the poster, and trim out a patch to fuse into place.
  • Touch ups: Folds, creases and other forms of missing ink or artwork are tackled in our touch-up room. With thousands of colors, paints, and artistic tools like air brushing, we precisely match the color to the original.
  • Tape: More often than not, we run into tape and tape residue on most posters. This has to be removed in order preserve the integrity of the piece and to prevent tape stain or “Tape Burns”.
  • Foamboard backing: It is a very common practice in framing to “Dry” mount posters to foamboard to remove creases in paper. However, most foamboard adhesives are ACIDIC and can harm your paper products. NEVER DRY MOUNT. We have techniques that allow us to remove posters from acidic board materials..
  • Relining: Some of our clients, before working with us, have had pieces that were linen backed improperly or damaged requiring intervention. We offer a relining service where we can remove the old canvas and start fresh.
Rate is $45/hour.
Number of hours is determined on a case-by-case review.
We do our best to give you a proposal of how much time is required to tackle removal work  so you know how much to plan for in your budget.

Ready to your piece?

We want to learn more about your situation so we can
customize the perfect treatment plan for your collection.
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